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What is Web Highlights?

Web Highlights is a Browser Extension for highlighting information on websites & PDFs. In a nutshell, Web Highlights lets you highlight text anywhere and lets you organize your research efficiently.

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Use Cases

  • Online Reading: Highlight key points and facts on any webpage or PDF to easily re-find them later. Create tags and take notes to stay organized. Read more

  • Web Clipper: Use Web Highlights to save bookmarks and read them later. Bookmark any webpage and add tags to organize them. Access your bookmarks from any device by logging into the web app. This feature is especially useful for storing articles for future reading and organizing them into a reading list. Read more

  • Learn & Remember: Use Web Highlights to take notes and create tags for your highlights. The extension also supports spaced repetition learning, converting your highlights and notes into flashcards to reinforce information and aid in long-term retention. Export your research to tools like Notion or Obsidian to keep your information centralized and synchronized. Read more

  • Highlight PDFs: You can highlight text and take notes in PDFs using the Web Highlights Chrome Extension. This works for both online and local PDFs. Read more

  • Organize Research: Create tags to group your research and find it easily. All your highlights are synchronized to the corresponding web app on

  • Export & Share: Export your highlights to HTML, Markdown, and PDF files. Share your research with others by generating a shareable link from the extension’s interface. Read more


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For more information, check out our FAQ section.