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Empower your digital journey: Our PDF & Web Highlighter allows you to highlight any website, take notes, and maintain organization for enhanced online productivity.

"It is one of the best productivity tools I have ever used!"

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Alaz Tetik
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Highlight any Website or PDF 🌈

Our Chrome Extension is so simple that people can't help but fall in love with it. Just install the extension, and you can begin highlighting right away. It's free, and there's no need to sign up – it's as simple as that!

Access from any device 📱

Highlight offline without an account. Unlock premium features by creating one. Premium and Ultimate plans come with a 7-day trial, offering a beautiful overview of all highlighted pages. Enjoy features like reminders, unlimited learning sessions, and more on any device with our web app.

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Create Notes & Tags ✏️ 🏷️

Take your research to the next level with effortless note-taking and tagging. Capture insights, organize content, and seamlessly combine highlights with personalized notes and tags.

Export to popular platforms 📑

Easily transfer your research to Markdown editors such as Notion, Obsidian, and other PKM tools with the 'Export to Markdown' feature. This way, you can keep all your research conveniently stored in the centralized tool of your preference. Additionally, you can export it to PDF or HTML files.

Export to popular platforms

Loved by 100,000+ users ❤️

Students, online readers, and those looking for better digital experiences love us. With a 4.8 of 5 stars rating from over 1,000 reviews, we're the top-rated PDF & Web Highlighter in the Chrome Store. Our users' testimonials are the best social proof we can get!

"love using this, it is super easy and the color choices even with a free account are absolutely amazing!"

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Priya Jain

"To all the new users, Just install and start highlighting. It's easy to use and have no limitation on the colors."

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Subhajit sahoo

"No limited to colors and i can choose color i wanted, even no limited when taking notes. Great app to use!!!"

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H. Yen

"it helps me in reading kinds of documents and get me grasp each key point. very good"

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xuecheng li

"I do a lot of research using PubMed and other academic search engines and this web highlighter is very helpful for me when writing articles."

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"As a law student this app has made me survive my finals. I love the color wheel feature and being able to add notes on the highlights."

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Hanna Galvez

"This functionality should be standard in any web browser. I can't believe that it's not rolled in with bookmarks already."

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Zach Gentner

"very helpful in helping me properly understand what im reading. i have a habit of skimming through articles and papers however, this highlighting tool keeps me engaged as i can colour code key ideas and information in lengthy paragraphs and come back to it easily just by looking at the highlighted colours rather than reading every sentence."

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Abby Amery

"I love this app so much I bought the lifetime subscription! Highlighting is fast and convenient. You can find things easily with tags and search. It's helpful for being organized and getting work done. Thanks Marius 🙂👍"

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Carlos Martinez


By default, whatever you highlight is private and only you can access it. But if you've turned on syncing your highlights to the cloud, you can share them with others.

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Most of Web Highlights is free. Create unlimited highlights, bookmarks, notes, and tags. Backup your data and export research to platforms like Notion. For more benefits, subscribe to Premium or Ultimate plans to sync highlights to the cloud and access them in our webapp.

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